Been Denied Car Insurance?

Been denied car insurance?

Have you been denied car insurance? We can help

Applying for car insurance and being denied happens. One of the reasons insurers can advertise low rates is that they work hard to keep drivers with high “perceived” odds of expensive claims away by simply denying selling them a policy.

What factors can lead to being outright denied coverage?

1) Your driving history is the #1 reason. You may have speeding or reckless driving tickets, driving under the influence convictions, or your claim history is too many too often. Five claims in 5 years could result in a flat rejection of your application. Five claims over 20 years might result in a higher premium, but you are still insured.

2) Lying on your application is never good. If the insurer catches the lie, even if it’s minor, the insurer could decline your application.

3) Your requested policy limits may be too low. Insurers want a positive relationship with their customers. Low limits can result in unhappy customers in the event of a claim. Insurers don’t want that.

4) Your situation may be unduly complicated; too many drivers, vehicles, or both.

5) You may have a collectible or antique car that doesn’t fit the insurer’s business model.

At Term Brokers Insurance Services, we will take your application to multiple companies to find the right insurer to cover your situation at an acceptable price.

If you have been denied car insurance. Give us a call. We can help.


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