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What's Included in Your Home Insurance?

Our standard home insurance policy covers not only your dwelling and attached structures like garages but also protects against damages caused by fire, windstorm, and hail. Plus, home insurance will cover your personal belongings in case of theft or covered disaster.

Need more protection? We offer optional coverage for earthquakes, flooding, water backups, and sinkholes. Our home insurance policies also provide liability coverage in case of injuries on your property or damages caused by your pets.

Understanding Home Insurance Exclusions

While home insurance is designed to provide comprehensive protection, certain disasters and situations are not covered. Damage caused by floods and earthquakes typically requires a separate policy. Moreover, home insurance generally excludes coverage for business activities conducted at home, intentional damage or loss, wear and tear, pests like termites, nuclear accidents, and more.

At Term Brokers Insurance Services, we prioritize our customer’s needs. Our experienced agents are here to assist you if you have specific coverage concerns. We can explore additional premium options to ensure your home insurance addresses your unique requirements.

Protecting Your Property Amid Coastal Challenges

Living in a coastal area, your home may face increased risks from hurricanes and storms. While home insurance typically covers wind damage, it’s crucial to understand that there may be separate deductibles for hurricane-related damage. Flooding, unfortunately, is generally not covered by standard home insurance policies. However, our team at Term Brokers Insurance Services has your back. We offer high-value home insurance, including coastal home insurance, to safeguard your home during disasters.

Bracing for Hurricane Season: Ensuring Your Preparedness

As hurricane season approaches its peak, preparedness becomes paramount. One crucial aspect of preparation is making sure your home is properly insured. While standard home insurance covers most storm-related damages, acquiring separate flood insurance is vital if your area is prone to flooding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several factors affect the cost of home insurance, such as your home’s location, age, and construction, coverage limits you choose, claims history, credit score, and safety features.

Most affordable home insurance policies cover damages to the structure of your home, personal belongings, liability for injuries or property damage, and additional living expenses if your home becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered event.

There are several ways to reduce the cost of home insurance, such as increasing your deductible, installing security systems, bundling insurance policies, maintaining a good credit score, and making home improvements that enhance safety and reduce risks.

Yes, many insurance companies offer various discounts, such as multi-policy discounts, claims-free discounts, loyalty discounts, and safety feature discounts. It’s essential to inquire about available discounts while seeking quotes.

Not necessarily. While affordable home insurance may have lower premiums, it can still provide sufficient coverage based on your needs and the chosen policy. It’s essential to review the policy terms and coverage limits to ensure it meets your requirements.

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